Morpheus TV apk Latest v1.67 Free Download

Searching for a free application which provides tv shows and movies on your smartphone? Morpheus TV is such an application. This app has been in many questions and doubts since it’s release. We will clear it out for you in this detailed guide on morpheus tv apk v1.67 latest version.

Morpheus TV is developed as a free application which searches for the free movies and TV shows over internet and gives it to us. The application uses 21+ websites to search for the movies and shows it to us in it’s built in video player. Even with such good features there are some drawbacks, here we will discuss every thing about the apk which you should check before downloading the morpheus tv apk.

morpheus TV

Morpheus TV was first released in 2016 by a web developer just for his own usage to get free movies and tv shows at one place. It was developed to ease out the process of searching any new movie on the internet. Later on it was uploaded on some social media websites by the developer for the help of his fellow friends.

Youtubers and bloggers took advantage of the application and since it is in huge demands, Many of them started making videos over it and started comparing it with other movie streaming apps and websites. This application is truly a wonder with all of the features at one place.

Enough of history, Now let’s know about it’s features in detail before downloading the apk.

Morpheus TV apk features

Version namev1.67
App nameMorpheus TV
Requires AndroidAndroid 5.0+
Main taskWatch & Download free movies & tv shows

Morpheus Tv has a wide range of features which are going to be discussed below in brief.

video player

Inbuilt video player

It isn’t an ordinary app to download and watch shows on media players. The app itself has it’s own built in video player to play downloaded movies & shows without need of any other app to do so.

Even with the presence of the video player, The application is just of 27 MB in size. It is also absolutely free along with the app and you don’t have to pay a penny to use it.

multiple resolution

Multiple resolutions

The application has multiple resolutions to view the shows as per your need. Now, You don’t have to go to theatres to watch movie in HD. The application has resolution like 1080p/HD/SD.

You can even find 360p in it which is helpful with people having slower internet connection. If you need more resolutions then please comment below.

auto play

Autoplay option

There is a autoplay option present in the app which helps in auto playing the shows without even clicking on it. It shows the preview of the movie and it’s up to you to decide whether you want to watch it or not.

I personally love this option and that’s the reason i have counted it in.

direct download

Direct Download to Smartphone

You can directly download the movies & shows on your smartphone. The videos doesn’t save in the application which means you can watch them even if you uninstall the app. Isn’t it a nice feature?

I personally like this feature and it gives us the room to decide whether you want to have the application installed or not after getting your movie.

You can download upto 15 movies at a time from the download feature available in the app.

Multiple Options

There are multiple options present inside the movies or TV shows section from which you can surf as per your choice.

morpheus tv sections

The options are shown in the above screenshot for better understanding.

morpheus tv apk download

Download Morpheus TV for android

Morpheus TV latest version v1.67 is out in the market and available to download with loads of new features. You can also surf for it’s alternative i.e. Morph tv which is available for free.

Click on the below download button and download it to your smartphone.

Download apk

The procedure to install the application is given below:

Download the morpheus tv 1.67 version apk from above given link. And click on the icon to install it.

The installation will start running as shown in the screenshot below.

morpheus tv installing

After installation click on the done/open option on the bottom right corner of your screen.

morpheus tv installed

After installing the apk, It will ask for permissions as shown in the screenshot below.

morpheus tv permissions

It asks for two permissions, It asks for the access to files, photos and manager to download and save the videos on your smartphone storage.

morpheus tv permissions

It also asks for the audio permission since it has an inbuilt video player and it requires audio permissions to play the video on the application.

Once you allow the permissions, You are ready to go with the app. In the latest update, The morpheus TV is discontinued and you will be shown a notice as given in the screenshot below:

morpheus tv discontinued

You can still use the application till the trakt tv is up and working in the cache but you will get repeated errors while running the application.

morpheus tv ios

Download Morpheus TV for IOS

Morpheus tv is currently not available for IOS and we don’t think it will be available in near future. You can subscribe us for any further updates in the future about it.

You can always use it on your android mobile or mirror it to your PC for free movie watching.

morpheus tv for pc

Download Morpheus TV for PC

Who doesn’t want to watch their favourite movies and TV shows on bigger and brighter screen? Everybody gets bored to watch it in 5-6 inch screen. Here is the guide to install the apk on PC.

To use the app on your PC, You have to install any of the android emulator on your PC. I personally recommend the nox emulator but you can also use bluestacks or any other as per your choice.

Install the emulator on your PC and complete the steps given below.

  • After installing the android emulator, Download the application from below.

Download apk now

  • After downloading, Click on the icon and start installing on it.
  • Once it is installed, You are ready to use it on your PC for free.
  • It is free to use without any hidden charges even on the bigger screen.


Frequently asked Questions

There are some errors present in the application and people ask for it many times. Here are some of those problems and their solutions.

error icon

App has been discontinued error

Many people get this error in the latest update of v1.66 which is due to stoppage of further updates of the morpheus tv apk. You can’t do anything of the error and you can still ignore it and use the app as it is.

Just click on the “x” mark on the top right area and start using the app.

If you still get any error in viewing then comment below.

Allow Unknown sources error

You have to allow unknown sources in order to install & use the app on your smartphone. Follow the steps given below to allow it.

  • Drag the status bar and click on the settings option.
  • In settings, search of security settings and allow the unknown sources as shown below.

allow unknown sources

  • After allowing the unknown source, again click on the application icon and install it on your smartphone.

By this way you can solve the allow unknown sources error.

connection error

Morpheus Tv connection error

There might be reasons for this error but mostly it is resolved by turning the internet on and off. If this doesn’t work, then follow the steps given below:

  • Go to app management and click on the force stop option.
  • Clear the cache of the app and restart the app.
  • You should allow the permissions otherwise the app won’t work smoothly.
  • Go to setting option inside the application and check for sources and change the source of the show provider.
  • Now, restart the application again.

If the issue is still not resolved then comment below.

Is morpheus tv safe to use?

Morpheus tv apk is checked many times before uploading here. You shouldn’t be afraid of downloading it from trusted sources. Always be aware of fake sites that mimic the original ones and you end up installing malware on your mobile.

Everytime the apk is uploaded, it is checked by the virus total to find any malware present in it. So, You shouldn’t be worried about the safety of your smartphone. We are here to worry for you.

Is the app legal to use?

This is the question which comes in everybody’s minds while installing morpheus tv. The answer is yes as well as no. The application promotes pirated content which is not a good sign but the app doesn’t hosts any of it. All the content is searched and taken from the internet which makes it not fully illegal.

However, The user is solely responsible for any harm caused. We just provide information regarding the app and all the sites claiming of being official aren’t, so you should be at your own risk while installing the application on your smartphone.

Why morpheus tv is not available on playstore?

It isn’t available on playstore since it promotes pirated content in a way. This is not allowed on the Google play store which is a reason why this app is not available on playstore.

You can still download it any time from the trusted sources as per your convenience. Any app found on playstore with similar name is not the real one and it will never get uploaded on it.

 Morpheus Tv Alternatives

Since, The app is not going to be updated anymore, sooner or later it will come to an end. Many of us will be searching for the alternative to the morpheus tv. Here are some of them listed below:


Showbox apk

Showbox is the best alternative for morpheus tv on the internet. With it’s clean and friendly UI, it becomes best alternative to it. This app also comes with built in video player and many more features which are same as morpheus.

It also has some extra features which aren’t present anywhere else. It has 144p/240p resolutions also present on the app. You can also download directly to smartphone storage from it.

The app isn’t available on playstore and can be downloaded from trusted sources on the internet.


Mobdro App

Mobdro is also a nice competitor to this app and as the app is going to be shut down, it will become the new trend over internet very soon. This app has live tv features and you can also watch news and sports channels through it absolutely free.

This is free to download and without any hidden subscriptions and gives you complete feel of a handy TV in your smartphone.

popcorn time

Popcorn time app

Popcorn time – the name itself suggests that it’s a movie watching application. It asks for subscription if you want to download the vpn through it which makes you completely anonymous on internet while watching the shows. This is a good alternative to morpheus tv if you are really looking for one over internet.

What’s new?

Here is the new features added in the latest update of the morpheus tv v1.66

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Internet connection error resolved
  • No new updates will be rolled from now
  • Application size is compressed

These were the new features which were added in the newer version of the apk. Visit this section for latest update logs of the app.

Wrapping UP

This was all about the morpheus TV apk. If you still have any questions regarding the apk then please comment below or contact us directly. We will love to help you out.

Visit us daily for newer updates and information of your favourite app on the internet. If you have any suggestions regarding the website then it will be taken into consideration.

For more news and updates, Allow the push notifications and you won’t miss any further updates. Thanks for reading.