Morpheus TV for android apk download


Morpheus TV for android and iOS is available on this site

In the new version, we have made many improvements for making your movie watching experience more and better.

Morpheus TV has more than 5+M active users all over the globe.

morpheus TV


It is a free app which lets the user download and stream all their favorite tv shows and movie on their android cell phones and PC’s

How Morpheus tv apk works

It works similar to torrents. Or one can say it is a gateway for the user to download all there favorite movies or tv shows from different sources on the internet.

The best thing is all this you will get in a 25mb apk file.

The features of the app are unlimited and cant is discussed in a single post.

But still, we have showcased some of the features of the app



FREE forever

The best feature of the app is that it’s free to believe it or not the Morpheus tv for android will never charge you a single penny


Speed of Morpheus tv apk is unbelievable and it works within a snap of your eyes.

This speed is due to the cloud database which makes the app easy to fetch the data from the internet

It works with the same speeds in all regions.

You can watch all your favorite movies without buffering even in mobile data.


As compared to other apps the app comprises a simple UI which is one the reason for being fast.

Even a first-grade child will understand the functionality of the app.

All the categories of the app are separated in different tabs with sidebars.

The app is not stuffed with ads which ads the cheery on the cake.


Now the best past if the app is once you have downloaded the app you don’t even need to download the app ever on the phone ever.

This is because of the automatic update feature, which enables the app to check for updates every time you open the app.

This is useful as most of the people are providing fake apps and malware instead of the original app.

If this feature is not enabled in your app you can enable it by going to settings then about section.

Now find automatic updates, it’s probably off so turn it on.


This feature makes the Morpheus tv apk unique and best in the inside of movie downloading and streaming.

But what is hardware acceleration

Due to this feature, the app helps you to make enjoy the movie with better sound and video quality.

The app understands the configurations and adjusts the app for making the performance’s most optimum.

Modes in the apps are

HW This the basic mode which saves battery and works normally with average settings.

SW this is a new advanced feature that makes the movie-watching experience. This feature increase battery drainage.

HW+ this is battery save of the phone. This mode saves your battery but it decreases the video quality.


The search option in the app is not a normal search it is an extended search option which on one single click can search the entire internet for the movie or tv show you want to watch.


  • To download the Morpheus tv app for android first go to the download page


  • Now click on download button
  • Once you have downloaded the app, you need to make some more tweakings.
  • First of all, go to the settings of your phone and find security and location. Then find the unknown sources on your cell phone.
  • If it’s off please turn it on.
  • Now find the apk file you just downloaded.
  • Click on the file so that you can install it.
  • Give the required permissions to install the app.
  • Now, wait for few seconds till the app is being installed.
  • Once the app is installed it will be launched automatically.
  • Now, wait while loads all the data required. Then you are good to go with the all-new Morpheus tv.

Morpheus Tv FOR PC

Morpheus tv app is not currently available for windows operating system

But you can use a virtual machine or android emulator

  • Install bluestacks on your phone
  • Now download the Morpheus tv app. Now install the apk file the same as it is done for the android phone.
  • The official version of the Morpheus tv app will be launched for all platforms as soon as possible.


This was our take on Morpheus tv for android.

Well according to me you must try it you are a movie geek.

In the new app, we have fixed all the bugs including the bug showing white screen.

The update has also increased the number of links for all apps.

Do tell us in the comment if you like the latest version of the Morpheus tv app.